Aussies of the Burren

How we got started....

Back in 2006, our family moved to Pennsylvania.  Having a lot of land, we decided to find a dog to protect the land and protect our family.  We wanted a dog that would stay with us at all times (and not run away), and be able to keep up with our active lifestyle.  We found the perfect dog in Roxy (NSDR), our first Australian Shepherd.

Roxy is extremely biddable--she knows many comands, and will do anything for a piece of cheese!  She has a large vocabulary and aims to please.  She is wary of strangers which means she is protective of the family.  She has great maternal instincts and is patient with not only her pups, but everyone else's too!

Roxy is our largest dog at 65 pounds.  She is almost nine years old, and will be retiring in the spring of 2015.


In May of 2008, we got Dash (NSDR), a red tri, from a family in Hershey, PA.  He weighs 55 pounds.  He has proven to be a great dog.  He loves to have fun and he gives us lots of laughs.

His favorite activity?  Catching the frisbee.  He'll fetch his bouncy balls too, but he'll give anything for someone to throw the frisbee for him.

Roxy, a blue-merle female

Dash, a red-bi male

In January of 2009, we brought Cherry home from Minnesota.  She is reistered with both AKC and ASCA.  She is a dark red-bi and has Twin Oaks ancestry (one of the two Aussie founding kennels).  Cherry is our smallest Aussie at 35 pounds.

Cherry is a dynamo!  She never stops, whether it's running the property line to make sure verything is safe, or bringing us her ball to throw.  She will literally fetch the ball for an hour before collapsing on the floor.  You can always count on her to bring the ball back--she is our most consistent "fetcher".

Cherry, a red-bi female

Chief (ASCA, AKC), a red-tri male, joined our family in January, 2011.  We feel privileged to have him as part of our family because he comes from Las Rocosa, the premier Australian Shepherd kennel.  He is an intelligent, eager-to-please dog, and has already produced some very handsome pups.