We love our pup owners, and we love it when they send us "pupdates" on our pups.  Here are a few of them:

PIPER (aka Mini):  Hello!  Happy Thanksgiving!  Piper is a happy girl and approaching her first birthday.  We love her and are thankful to have her!  She is generally fearless and very protective of Lucas, our white Boxer, as well as a constant playmate whether he wants to play or not :-)  She has endless energy, and as you can see in the pictures, she's very happy.  Our neighbors and friends are in love with her too!  Here is a photo with Lucas.

Mini was originally bought by another person, but after a week, that person returned her to us, saying they couldn't take care of her.  When Gisele found out Mini was available, she and her husband flew down and picked her up immediately.  <3

COLE:  Just wanted to send you a little update on Cole.  He is doing fantastic!  I cannot believe how fast time is flying, and how big he's grown.  Cole's up over 50 pounds now, and quite the handsome young man--everyone we meet says so :-)  His training has come such a long way, and I'm just as thrilled ans lucky as ever being this boy's mom!  We've been having lots of fun this summer going to the parks, splashing in the water, learning new tricks, and making lots of friends--bth human and canine (and sometimes equine, feline, etc).  He still gets a little overexcited meeting new people and tries to jump up, but he's been getting lots of practice here lately and doing well, even with kids as young as 1!  I'm so impressed with him and plan to continue training him to be very social.  I've attached some recent pictures of him for you--he definitely is my favorite subject to photograph!

Cole was one of our favorite pups ever!  Like most of our black bi's and tri's, he was the last to go of the litter.  However, he had personality in spades!  Laura was the perfect owner for him--she cared much more about personality and temperament than cosmetics.  However, our family still holds him as one of the most handsome pups we've ever had.  And how lucky we are that Laura just so happens to be a professional photographer!  Just goes to show--as much as everyone wants a merle (and we love our merles too), merles aren't ALWAYS the best :-)