As we have come to know Australian Shepherds over the last few years, we have become firm believers in maintaining the working quality of the breed.  Please know that Aussies need a job to be happy.  Although the ideal situation is to work livestock, the dogs aren't picky.  Becoming involved in obedience training, agility or simply giving them commands and jobs around the house will suffice.  These dogs will not be happy sitting in a crate all day while you are away.

Too, if you've never owned an Aussie, or any kind of herding dog (collie, German shepherd, corgi), it's important to remember that these dogs aren't Golden Retrievers or Labradors.  They are protective of family and property and are wary of other humans and animals.  They need that kind of understanding, and they need to be socialized early.

Please consider these things when thinking about purchasing an Aussie.

Exciting news!  A litter of pups was born to Maizie and Chief on Sunday, February 19, 2017.

Their mother, Maizie, is a two-year old blue merle female who is ASCA registered and DNA verified.  She weighs 45 pounds.  Their father, Chief, is a five-year old red tri male who is also registered with ASCA and AKC and DNA verified.  He weighs 55 pounds.  Both Maize and Chief come from the hallmark Australian Shepherd kennels, Las Rocosa and Twin Oaks.  We have pedigrees on both parents.

All of the puppies are ASCA eligible, and registration paperwork will be sent home with every puppy.

Every puppy also goes home with its first set of vaccines as well as deworming.  

We raise our pups to be well socialized with people as well as other animals.  These pictures were taken at four weeks old.

The "solids" (the red tri, and two black bi's) sell for $800.  The merles sell for $1,000.  We are currently accepting deposits on puppies.  We ask for a $250 non-refundable deposit to hold a puppy.  We sell all of our pups on a spay/neuter contract.

Blue Merle Male "Steel": SOLD (thanks Larry!)

Blue Merle Female 1 "Lavender": SOLD (Lavender will be joining her older brother, Bailey)

Blue Merle Female 2 "Nova": SOLD (Blaze is taking home his second pup from us!)

Blue Merle Female 3 "Tiff": SOLD (Tiff will be joining several other furry friends!)

Red Tri Female "Chili": SOLD (Chili is going to such a good home with LuAnn and Sophie <3)

Red Merle Male "Gunner": SOLD (Gunner is going to Rhode Island with Melanie!)

CHILI (SOLD)--When we first saw Maisie's pups, it was easy to see "which one of these is not like the others"! :-)  Chili is our only solid pup of the litter, and she is a beauty.  She is a full-on red tri female with copper points, white socks and a white blaze.  Her ears are always at the alert!  She's very people oriented and comes right up to us.  She's going to LuAnn who just lost her own pup <3

TIFF (SOLD)-- We've honestly never had one quite like Tiff!  She's a very dark merle with lighter blue areas and random copper markings.  She's absolutely stunning.  She also has blue eyes, although one or both of them may be marbled.  She's the quietest pup of the litter, always happy to sit with us and be petted. Kathy found us online, and we couldn't be happier that she did!

STEEL (SOLD)--Steel and his brother, Gunner, are the most outgoing pups of the litter.  Steel was also the first pup to climb out of the puppy pool!  He's a handsome blue merle male with "steel blue" eyes and black "stripes" on his back.  Steel is SOLD and is looking forward to all kinds of room to run with his friend, Larry!

LAVENDER (SOLD)--Lavender is going to a very special home with her older brother, Bailey.  Abby and Sharon have been good Aussie friends of ours for a while now, and it took them hours to pick which pup would be their next forever friend <3  Lavender is a blue merle female with very light markings and blue eyes.  We know she'll be so happy in her new Aussie home.  #libertyforever

NOVA (SOLD)--Nova is going to another Kennedy Aussie home.  Blaze is taking home his second blue merle pup from us, and we couldn't be happier!  It's almost impossible to tell Nova apart from Lavender; they are both blue merle female Aussies with beautiful blue eyes and sweet personalities. However, Nova has a "burst" of black on her back.

GUNNER (SOLD)--Gunner lives up to the few other red merles we've had--he has personality IN SPADES!  He is fearless, and he will run up to our big dogs without hesitation.  He loves people too!  In fact, it's hard to take a good photo of him because he's always running up to whoever is closest to him, saying "hi" and getting loves.  He has striking blue eyes which look sad most of the time, but trust me, he's a happy little guy.  He'll have a great home in Rhode Island!

All of our pups are sold (they were sold by five weeks).  We aren't sure that we will be having any more litters because we are moving to Michigan.  However, please check back in a year or so to see what we decided to do.  We're always looking for new, great pup owners!