With the passing of our handsome red man Chief (RIP December 29, 2017), we reflect on all the great years we've had as a family, raising Aussies pups.  We claim some of the best and brightest pups, and their owners have turned out even better.  If you have a pup from Chief, take a moment to remember what a great boy he was, and enjoy every day you have with one of his kids. What a great eleven years we've had together.  Thanks for being part of our lives.  The Kennedy Burren here, signing off.

Maizie, our four-year old blue merle female, is for sale to the right home.  She is full of energy, loves to be loved, and frequently steals balls from the other dogs (but won't fetch them!)  She needs more attention and love than we give her. If you're interested, let us know (814-933-6339, thenewmamaaris@yahoo.com)